THE PLACE OF ASTROLOGY IN OUR LIFES. At Earth Yoga, Sunday the 15th, 7pm

After about 2 years of doing Astrology talks in spanish non stop all over Mallorca I´m giving my first astrological talk in ENGLISH on Sunday the 15th at the very elegant and professional Earth Yoga center in Santa Catalina. It will be an introduction talking about all the most fascinating and inspiring aspects of Astrology done with a nicely presented and colorful slide show. Nice way to cool off a summer weekend feeling inspired with the starry nights we can now enjoy.

Sunday 15th of July, 7pm


Earth Yoga, C/ Sant Magi 81A; Santa Catalina, Palma. 


You are a living expression of the cosmos. If you are in to personal development and have an evolutionary perspective of life then it´s fundamental that you have at least one good reading of yourastrological natal chart. It is also relevant to have a reading around the time of one´s birthday when a new yearly cycle begins. It is also useful to gain astrological perspective in any type of situation be it new and exciting or deeply challenging: crisis, new opportunities, relationships, spiritual life,…

But in fact what I will prove is that it would be great for us to all have a basic understanding of Astrology as could be said of nutrition, relationships, creativity, preparation for professional life or social skills. Ancient Astrology was the first science and despite it´s distorted image in the mass media modern Astrology offers humanity the best possible tool for the evolution of consciousness.

In this talk I offer the general public an introduction to the fascinating science-art of Astrology. A talk which will help you to understand the many subjects that Astrology arises: micro and macrocosmos,synchronicity, the interconnection in the network of life, the levels of personality, life cycles, moments in time, perception, the nature of the subconscious,and the mechanisms of destiny… 

The talk will last about 75 minutes and will be presented with a colorful slide show. 

Feel free to bring your questions and open mind! 

Entrance fee: 10 euros


 Steven Goode Hill, professional astrologer living in Mallorca.

650 888 12 0

Acerca de Esteban Steven

Soy un amante de la Astrología, una de las disciplinas más importantes y fascinantes que es también enormemente incomprendida y prejuzgada. Me dedico a hacer Divulgación de la misma de manera fresca y polifacética, a Interpretar Cartas Astrales, y a realizar Actividades de Crecimiento Personal a partir de esta disciplina del "reflejo cósmico". Vivo y trabajo desde Palma de Mallorca y promuevo en la medida de mis posibilidades un cambio cultural... hacia una Cultura Astrológica. Espero que disfrutes de mis artículos y actividades! Gracias por la visita!

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