Basic Introduction to the parts of your Natal Chart


To begin with we should remember that serious Astrology remains in the dark for the general public largely because of the invasion of false horoscopes that the mass media publish out of habit and general superstition; the prejudices from the mainstream scientific community are not more helpful.

So what is Astrology really? Here are a few different short descriptions you may find useful:

Metaphorically, Astrology could be considered:
+ the keys of interrelation between the Universe and each individual being.
+ the study of our “Cosmic DNA”.
+ to be life´s energetic clockwork system.

As a phenomenon Astrology is:
+ nature´s language and code of the energy present in all living creatures and events in the all embracing cosmic context of life.
+ the coherent system of symbols that reflect -do not “affect” or “influence”- the constitution of everything born at a certain moment.

Astrology studies:
+ the relationship between astronomical factors or the Macrocosm and factors of living beings on Earth or Microcosm.
+ the vital ingredients and the energetic / archetypal context in which each individual life unfolds. Which represents, on one hand, the makeup of the totality of mind, emotions, and motivations inside each person. And on another hand, the essential nature of one´s relationship with the external world.

man astrologyNatal Chart: symbol that represents the Part (person) in Life and Life in the Part (person).

Understanding Astrology´s personalized map:
the Natal Chart

Astrology´s basic tool is the birth chart, a graphic which represents the position of the planets in the Zodiac and other astronomical factors in a certain place and moment of time, such as when somebody is born. The map of the solar system for that moment is called a birth chart or natal chart. Although this circular diagram may at first seem difficult to understand, it is only made up of four main factors or categories of symbols.

Basic Parts of a Natal Chart jpg.001Understanding them will give you a basic idea about how this map works:

1) Signs of the Zodiac.

The 12 Signs represent 12 objectives, purposes, aspirations and intentions of Life that are present in every human being and living creature.

There are two Zodiacs. One is made up of the 12 constellations visible along the Ecliptic (the Earth´s orbit around the Sun) that many people recognize and is called Sidereal Zodiac. It is not used very much in psychological Astrology because it´s meaning is very subtle and easily misunderstood.
The other one is the Tropical Zodiac and it´s the common reference for most astrologers because it is very deep and rich in everyday meaning. It is a circle with 12 sections of the Earth´s yearly orbit around the Sun (also known as the Ecliptic). The beginning of the first Sign, Aries, coincides with the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere. In fact, the beginning of each station is the beginning of one of the cardinal Signs (which are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). So this Tropical Zodiac is something that is very noticeable and important in nature´s yearly cycle and it´s beginning (nature´s “New Year”) is the beginning of Spring or Autumn, depending upon the hemisphere you are in.

tropical zodiacthe Tropical Zodiac

2) Houses:

The 12 Houses represent 12 universal types of circumstances, situations, relationships or parts of life experience.

The houses are 12 sections of space around our planet, and their essential points of reference are defined by where latitude and longitude intersect with the Ecliptic and the Equator.

house systemthe 12 Houses

The Zodiacs and the Houses are the two matrixes through which everything emerges. The best way of understanding their nature may be though comparison to other fields of life. In the world of colors it is said that there are three primary colors, blue, red and yellow, whose infinite combinations give place to the whole diversity of possible colors. These three colors could be considered the matrix of colors. Similarly in the world of music it can be said that the notes of a particular musical scale represent the matrix of sounds that resonate in harmony. Infinite melodies can emerge from the combination of these notes. Once again, in the world of chemistry there is also a matrix of components -the periodic table of the elements- that can be combined in infinite different ways giving place to all sorts of molecules that form living and inert matter.

signs and housesthe matrixes, Tropical Zodiac and House system

3) Planets:

With the astrological matrixes alone we do not have anything yet that defines an individuals qualities. This function is represented by the Planets which represent parts of the personality or motivations. The meaning of each Planet corresponds in nature with both a Sign and a House (ex. Sun with Leo and V House). A Planet in a natal chart will express itself with the objective of the Sign it´s in and it will manifest in a specific type of situation / circumstance or field of relationship reflected by the House that it is in.

colorful zodiaccorrespondence of Sign, House & Planet

The complete combination process of Planets, Signs and Houses is in fact much more complex but this is enough for a beginners notion of astrological mechanics.
Each Planet represents a different part of the personality going from more essentially personal motivations (Sun, Moon and their secondary functions Mercury, Venus, Mars) to more social motivations (Jupiter, Saturn) and finally, more transpersonal or universal purposes (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).

planetary attributesbasic symbolic nature of each planet

The Planets of Astrology include the Moon and all the main bodies of the Solar System that orbit around the Sun, including Pluto which is also considered as a Planet. Although they are all at very different distances from our planet each of them are always in line with one of the 12 Signs and Houses.


4) Planetary Aspects

All the functions of the Planets are present in every living creature. They all coexist dynamically which means that the objectives and points of view represented by each Planet exist simultaneously within each of us.
However they can simply coexist in the same person or have a significant angle relationship between each other that´s what in Astrology is known as an aspect. These angles imply that their is a greater level of intensity in the interaction between planetary bodies and with a specific type of dynamic.

aspects astrology 2symbols of the types of aspect

If you want to understand the aspects astronomically you must remember that their reference point is the alignment of the Planets in the Tropical Zodiac. Not all angles are energetically significant, but only the ones which divide the zodiac in whole numbers, such as 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12. As an example, some of the most important aspects are for Planets that are closely in line (Conjunction, around 0º), opposed to each other (Opposition, around 180º), more or less at a 90º angle (Square), more or less at 120º (Trine),…

aspects astrologytypes of aspect

5 ) The Angles

Psychologically: the four angles represent the paths of interaction between the part and the whole or the individual and life. They work simultaneously in both directions between the part/person and the whole/life which can seem challenging to the dominant tendency of our perception to separate things in causal directions. On one hand the 4 angles represent how we see 4 different parts of our life field or environment, how we select a certain type of information from our surrounding which matches our type of filter. On another hand they represent how these 4 types of environment manifest through each individual. This two way dynamic represents an ever present quality that always accompanies an individual and which is crucial for ones self realization. We experience inner coherence and the feeling of completeness when the parts of our personality (Planets) are flowing through these paths and allowing life´s flow through us.

The angles.001We will describe the dynamic of the Angles from both points of view:


From inside / part to outside / life: the type of information, energy, archetypes that we filter from the world, identify and resonate with. Basic type of feeling towards outer reality and towards life in general. The type of energy, archetype through which we manifest the parts of our personality (Planets).

From outer / life to inside / part: what the environment brings, the type of energy, archetypes, qualities which surround the individual, the type of synchronicity that permeate one´s immediate relationship to the outer; how others see one, physical traits like face and body type.


From inside / part to outside / life: the type of energy, archetype, pattern through which we perceive our one on one and close relationships to take place. How we relate closely and establish these relationships.

From outer / life to inside / part: the type of energy, archetype or pattern through which others establish close ties, one on one relationships of any sorts and partnerships with the individual. The type of synchronicity which arises in close relationships like partners, associates and people we have problems with (the archetype of the enemy).


Mid Heaven:

From inside / part to outside / life: the values by which we guide our vocation, profession and community life, the information we select from our social environment as what is socially important, the way we insert ourselves in to society in terms of career, public image and personal vocation.

From outer / life to inside / part: the signals, messages, issues that society and the collective give the individual in terms of duty, responsibility, status and social needs like organization, administration, execution and evaluation.

Imum Coeli:

From inside / part to outside / life: how we emerge from a family, ancestors and issues of the past and develop our sense of family, belonging and home.

From outer / life to inside / part: how the family, ancestors and issues of the past manifest their own nature through our existence.


The angles are the closest intersection points between the Tropical Zodiac and the House system which explains their simultaneous double directionality; signs as the inner and houses as the outer.


Putting it all together:
Essentially these are the factors that appear in any single natal chart, be it the one for a child, the moment of an earthquake, a big concert, an important political treaty or the moment in which two people met. The five factors are each important by themselves but then the combinations that arise can be just as or even more important.
To combine the four successfully is a matter of technique and experience but these few basics are enough for a first approach to Astrology. The more you understand these basics before you have a reading the better.

Carta Conexión Cósmcia Invierno 2013



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