UNDERSTANDING 2019, the year of serious change. Modern Astrology for all, 9th January at The Hub Mallorca

9th JANUARY, 19 TO 21H

The Hub Mallorca 

Calle Caro, 70, Santa Catalina, Palma

ASTROLOGY TALK IN ENGLISH ON MALLORCA!  The «horoscope» entertainment business has nothing to do with Astrology as more and more people are realizing. Astrology is real, it works and it is very interesting. A great opportunity for English speaking residents to approach Modern Astrology with surprising insights for skeptics and people in the know.

You don´t need to know anything at all about astrology to understand this interactive presentation. I will be using slides, objects and your questions to deliver a highly useful and informative presentation to the year ahead.

Astrology talk at the hub

With the likelihood of recession, the rise of intense new political views the great planetary cycles that begin in 2019 could literally, make you or break you. It all depends on how you expect to react to the what is the calling of life now. And of course, knowledge is power, perhaps more than ever.

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The New Moon is the most important regular cycle we all experience and has been used in Astrology for centuries as the most basic tool to forecast the trends, patterns, dilemmas and situations that each month brings. Each New Moon represents a new independent section of time so it is the best moment to gather for insights in to our personal and collective being. The planets are symbols of the parts of ourselves and in understanding their objective moments we can make more sense of our subjective realities…
We will gather monthly at The Hub to update our understanding of the world and get empowering insights in to ourselves on a day that is close to the New Moon.

The hub logotype

> A general view of the months energies and those energies that are the longer lasting context of the times
> Which days are better or worse for different affairs (you can ask)
> General trends in the world: what is really going on behind the many scenes of life from the point of view of energy and archetypes (you can ask for trends and subjects that are in the news)
> Connection exercise to help tune in to the months potential (individual, seated -no risk for the shy or lazy!)

> Entrepreneurs and the new family of The Hub Mallorca
> People who need to schedule events and business plans looking for the right moment
> People who need to understand society and it´s trends on close-up
> Open minds
> The holistic tribe of Mallorca
> Birthday boys and girls: you´ll access information about your new yearly forcast !
> Yachties who love the stars
> People who love astrology and people who have never ever known anything at all about it (yes, you too)
> Pattern-hunters and synchronicity searchers, and
> Skeptics who can´t believe I´m actually talking about Astrology seriously and are curious

the hub 2

10 euro´s with bar food and a drink
No reservation is needed for the first edition in January

15% DISCOUNT on the usual prices of my astrology READINGS for people who come to the talk. Put your name down on the list or ask me for a card and the discount. Prices include time dedicated to studying the chart previously, the reading with you in person or on Skype, it´s recording and additional information on Astrology and your chart that I give you before and after the reading.

Prices & Services 2016:17:18


boom talk2
I´m a mallorcan with foreign parents who developed a fascination for Astrology as a young child. At this moment I´ve been studying the subject for just under 20 years and it´s been my profession for around 15 years. I have a degree in Pedagogy and have studied various forms of psychology such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and a three year training in Gestalt Therapy. I´ve given countless readings, workshops and talks on Mallorca and at festivals abroad, I organize a holistic party celebration named “Festival Conexión Cósmica” on Solstices and Equinoxes with 18 Editions and am presently putting out Astrology in to the world in Spanish language via Youtube. I hope to multiply my video production in both languages to support what I call the Astrological Revolution which is slowly but surely happening as so many people move from Skeptic or superstitious beliefs to a more rationally informed and yet spiritual understanding of this fascinating language.

My video in English (only one), from Boom Festival to the World

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Acerca de Esteban Steven

Soy un amante de la Astrología, una de las disciplinas más importantes y fascinantes que es también enormemente incomprendida y prejuzgada. Me dedico a hacer Divulgación de la misma de manera fresca y polifacética, a Interpretar Cartas Astrales, y a realizar Actividades de Crecimiento Personal a partir de esta disciplina del "reflejo cósmico". Vivo y trabajo desde Palma de Mallorca y promuevo en la medida de mis posibilidades un cambio cultural... hacia una Cultura Astrológica. Espero que disfrutes de mis artículos y actividades! Gracias por la visita!

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